Montreal is, without question, Canada’s indie Mecca. Even aside from the Grammy/Juno/Polaris winners, Montreal has a wealth of indie talent these days — both homegrown and transplanted from elsewhere on the continent. Why is the city host to such musical bounty? Amy Millan of Stars describes the inspiring atmosphere of her adopted hometown:

“When you’re walking down the street and it’s covered in snow and there’s a clown juggling next to you in his crazy pants and everyone’s speaking French, you feel taken outside of your life.”

But there’s more behind Montreal’s colossal indie rep than just its European-tinged romance. And it hasn’t always been a bastion of independent music. In this episode of The Birth of Canadian Indie we’ll hear about Montreal in the 1980s, a time when underground music had few live venues and little support from the disco-loving public…

CBC Radio 3

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